Windows 7 Does not install - ever!


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I have tried multiple times to install the 32 and 64 bit RC's to no avail. My system is:

GA-EP45-DS3R motherboard with the latest FC11c BIOS
E7400 processor
Diamond 4670 Graphics

I have done the following:
(1) Removed all USB peripherals
(2) Switched SATA port and configured HDD in BIOS to use AHCI.
(3) Set BIOS to boot from DVD
(4) Copied Windows 7 to DVD using lowest available speed (4x), with Active@ ISO Burner.

All installation attempts thus far have been clean installs from the DVD. Have not tried upgrading from my licensed copy of Vista Ultimate SP1.

In point of fact, I am at my wit's end, and I am on the verge of concluding that, as always, Microsoft leaves me feeling ... well ... micro and soft. I've heard it's a great OS, but looks like I've already spent too much time on it. Seems like MS insists on wasting everyone's time with half-baked installers, no documentation, and the like. I know it's a Beta, but even so, ... I mean, it doesn't even install!!!

Any additional suggestions will be welcome. Guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.
" Seems like MS insists on wasting everyone's time with half-baked installers, no documentation, and the like. I know it's a Beta, but even so, ... I mean, it doesn't even install!!!"

Try here, the official version:
How to install the Windows 7 Release Candidate
or here:
How-To: Install Windows 7 RC as a Dual Boot, Over Vista, or From Scratch | Maximum PC
Or dozens of other fully documeted procedures for installing. Frankly., if you know how to burn the DVD and start it running, the only other essential knowledge is being able to read on screen. I have installed 10 different versions to date, 64Bit and 32Bit. I don't recall needing to study any instructions as to how to install. I use it on three different machines, of vastly varying ages, and so far have not had a hitch.
The the OP:

Have you tried simply burning the ISO with a different program..? ;) Sometimes it will make a difference.. I'd suggest Nero or IMGBURN.. Either one works fine.. ;)
Still no love ...

Last night, I tried to take the upgrade path rather than do a clean install. The upgrade has the advantage of informing you of any incompatible software, whereas, for some reason, the separate, downloadable compatibility tool is apparently incapable of doing the same. Anyway, Windows 7 does not like the ATI Catalyst Installer, which is required in order to install their graphics driver. So, I uninstalled it, leaving me with VGA Graphics. No problem. The results:

After 15 hours and 45 minutes I am a the stage of "Transferring Files, Settings and Programs (58%) ..."

Below it altnerately says, "Transferring files, settings and programs (102324 of 155445 transferred)" and then "Please wait ..."

To answer the rest of you:

(1) I have not received any error messages. Similar to the above, the only result so far is exceedingly long installations, or unsuccessful installtions. If I try the clean install, the result is consistently that the system seems to hang on "Completing Installation". On a couple of occasions I left the system to complete for many hours, and after the final restart, it hangs on the Windows 7 logo on a black background. No error messages, just doesn't install.

(2) I have combed the Internet for responses, but have found nothing. There are a number of complaints of similar problems, and many have suggested re-burning the DVD. Only in rare cases has this seemed to work. As mentioned, I burned the ISO at a very low speed, with validation turned on. Even so, I will try once more.

(3) I've looked at the official documentation, and frankly the unofficial documentation on the Internet covers a number of the problems encountered far better than the official doc's, which if I recall correctly, ignore them completely. Given the numerous problems encountered MS should add a thorough troubleshooting section.

I have heard that Windows 7 is great, and really want to try it on this system, on which I've installed both Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate with no problems whatsoever. I wish it were so easy as following the screens, but it has not been. In fact, this is rapidly becoming the most lengthy installation I've ever been involved in - particularly since installation is such a black box - no error messages, no information, just have to try stuff.
It's very strange that the Catalyst installer is giving you that much trouble.. 3 of my pc's are running ATI cards and each installed their driver and catalyst control center problem free.... ;)

I can certainly understand your frustration.. I wish I could help you more.. but with everything you've tried so far I'm drawing a blank as to what you should try next..

I've burned a new DVD with IMGBURN at 1x (actual rate 4x). This is a clean install from the DVD. I started at noon. It is now 1:40 and the install has been stuck at "Completing Installation" for all but 15 minutes of this time, or 1:25.

Well, I can't think of anything else to try. Could be a driver compatibility issue, a BIOS issue having to do with the Gigabyte motherboard, an HDD issue, ... who knows?

Any ideas as to how I can find out what the problem is will be welcome. In any case, looks like I will have to wait until June 2010 to try this OS. Even then, who knows if the problem will have been fixed.

Given the time I've spent doing this, I think my next adventure will be looking into Linux. No license fees, plenty of OSS software, and no difference in the amount of effort to get everything working ... and, best of all, plenty of troubleshooting documentation!

Thanks to everyone for your responses. :confused:
Why would you have to wait until June 2010 to try Windows 7?? It's being released in final form on October 22nd of this year.. ;)

It could very well be your BIOS.. It may beed updated.. ;)