Windows 10 Does Win10 collect browsing history?

Capt Wilard

New Member
I hope you guys can you help me clear something up.

If I use Windows 10, and apply privacy options, using any third party app
or even terminal commands, would it prevent Microsoft collecting data about what sites I visit?

The reason I ask, is because I came across this post in on the official MS community forum.

Maybe I have misinterpreted it, but the MS respondent quite clearly states that whatever browser you use, the only time your browsing history is NOT collected, is when you are in private mode!

If I have read it correctly, then how do they collect such data?

Thanks in advance for helping me clear this up!
All the best - Paul
You have to be signed in with an email vs a local account and opt in to include browsing history in the activity data that is collected. Microsoft uses it to enhance your user experience.