Dont know what i did, Help.


The thing at the top of the screen somehow appeared there can anyone help me to remove this?
(Not talking about the left top hand corner)

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If you mean the colums... looks to me like you are in details view.
If so then you can change the view to one of the other options or remove the fields... note that Windows 8 and 8.1 will want to keep the name field without a registry hack.
Screenshot (387).png

This error of some sort is on my desktop not in my file explorer and does not seem to be in "details view".


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Does the persist if you change background images?
And do you have the Task Bar set to Auto Hide?



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Looks to me like you may have the explorer overlaid onto the desktop of a torrent copy of Windows... in witch case I'm not surprised its buggered.

Perhaps if you told how you did this and what it is you want us to help you fix?

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