Windows 7 DOS Commands


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May 19, 2009

Was trying add a persistent route via the dos line i.e.

c:\route add mask -p

but on execution all the os kept on saying is

c:\the request operation requires elevation

am in local and domain admin groups, connected to the network etc etc

any ideas?
Right click the command prompt and "run as Administrator"
I am sure you know more than me - it is sometime since I needed to perform a static route. But I think the -p goes first in the line??
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thanks dave,

you were right although I was doing it wrong, firstly I was using run, then cmd to get to the DOS Prompt (this is wrong as it will not give you a run as admin option from here)

Basically the work around was

  1. create shortcut to cmd.exe
  2. right click shortcut and select run as administrator
  3. enter the command line as above (yes -p is in the right place :))
sorted.... thanks!
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