Double click on *.reg file does NOT change the key value in Registry


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I have a *.reg script which just modifies (overwrites) the value of a certain, existing Registry key.

When I double click on it (similar to Win7) then a popup appears asking me if I really want to add the key.
After clicking Ok I was informed that the key value has been added successfully.

However when I peek into the Registry DB then the old key is still unchanged.

Whats wrong?

I disabled UAC completely (slider to lowest possible position) and my user is member of the Administrator group.



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Just 2 quick thoughts:
- have you tested that script on a different computer?
- create a new admin account on the same computer and test the script

Maybe the script is the problem.


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Disabling UAC is in general a bad idea and can have side effects such as not properly executing some tasks with administrative privileges.

Post the content of the reg file and what are you trying to change.