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Windows 7 Downloads to Desktop are Suddenly INVISIBLE


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Aug 18, 2011
Absolutely infuriating problem. All of a sudden, anything I download to the desktop is INVISIBLE. I tried to have screen capture JPEG images go to desktop and they don't appear. If I open my desktop through users, I see the item there. If I try to drag that item to the desktop, it refuses because it says it is already there.... but it's not.

I tried to download a PDF file to the desktop, same problem. Not there, but opening desktop through users finds it. Again, can't drag it, can't access it. I just have to delete it from the desktop opened through users.

The only way to get anything to the desktop now is to download it into a folder, then open the folder and drag it to the desktop. Then it appears as it should. Major pain in the rear.

I tried using my cursor to "lasso" blocks of screen looking for the invisible item, but it is simply not there even though the idiot computer keeps saying it is.

This problem suddenly appeared for no reason. I have made no changes to the computer and have not downloaded anything.
Try right clicking on your Desktop then go to View and make sure the check box next to Show Desktop Icons is check.
Here is a picture on how to do it

Link Removed
Yeah, it's checked. I have a bunch of icons showing, it just stopped adding any new items to the desktop/
Is it possible that you have a dual screen set up or the current user you are logged in as is probably a temporary account.
Click the Start button, windows logo and where it says "Search programs and files" copy and paste this %userprofile%\desktop
This will show you your current desktop, also make sure your wallpaper isn't and image of your desktop as a joke from someone.
Another thing, right click on desktop and go to View and and select Auto arrange icons. A screen shot would help and is there space on your desktop or could you adjust screen resolution so you have additional space on desktop. Please upload image like user Link Removed did.
It may be that the desktop had a limit of icons? I have a lot of icons in columns, but the right 1/4 of the screen was available. I grabbed about 10 icons and foldered them and then the next time I was able to save an icon to the desktop.

It never occurred to me: maybe there is a limit as to how many icons it can handle?



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Like I said, it's not a case where icons that had been there vanished. It is a case where a new icon that should show up on the desktop does not, while you can see that new icon if you go to users and open the desktop and view the desktop contents that way. The new icon being sent to the desktop never appears. I believe there is simply a limit as to how many icons can be shown as I got it working again by dumping a bunch of icons into into a folder.
I had mentioned this before.
Try, right click on desktop and go to View and and select Auto arrange icons.
Do this so it fills up your desktop. icons are being pushed off screen. Give me screen shot of the View.
Let me know what happens when you select Auto arrange icons.
I don't want to auto arrange icons since I have them where I need them now. Last time that happened it screwed up my desktop.
Ok, but that's where the files are. Off the screen I think. You can change screen resolution and adjust it to see if that helps, or I guess you answered your question. You are fine with where they are.