Windows 7 Driver power state failure BSOD


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Hello guys,

I've been running Windows 7 for the past few weeks now, and i have one issue with one of my drivers which i can't seem to solve.

Periodically (intervals ranging from 1 hour - 3 days) my machine gives a BSOD with 'Driver power state failure'
Also, if i shutdown the machine (reboot works fine) it never turns of the machine, it stays at the 'Shutting down windows' screen (Not sure if this is related).

Another thing is that I had a crashing nvidia driver at one time, at which point it automatically restarted the display driver.

I've been fighting with the minidumps and debugging tools for a day now, and somehow it keeps insisting I do not have the correct symbols (even though i downloaded win7 x86 symbols).

Also it doesnt seem to do a minidump always when this BSOD occurs.

My guess it's probably the nvidia driver causing problems, but i do have a lot of hardware in here, so it might be anything.

If somebody could try to analyze the minidump file i attached, and give me some advice i would be really happy :).

-edit- I found out that in power settings it was set to put the computer to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity, I have disabled this and am waiting to see if it will still crash.. This just leaves me to find out wich driver causes this problem (even though I do not plan to use sleep mode).

With regards,

PS: Here are some system specs
Asus P5K mobo
Core2Duo E8200
4GB OCZ SLI memory (3,25gb usable because it is x86)
Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 MB
M-Audio Delta 66 (with the vista driver)
4 sata disks:
36gb WD Raptor
2x 250gb WD Caviar SE16
500gb Samsung spinpoint

I hope this information helps a bit.
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