Driver power state failure

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    Dec 13, 2013
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    I get a Driver_power_state_failure with a stop : 0x0000009F(0x00000004,0x00000258,0x8658F020,0x8397CB24)

    Yesterday i was working with my computer and i was running a game and fix my pc and it was very slow it got stuck and i forced it down and when i start the pc i get that error.

    I have tried sfc and bootrec and startup repair none of them can fix the problem it says unable to fix the problem.
    I also have the recovery disk and can view the hard disk files and also use cmd but i tried the startup repair and it could not fix the problem.

    Please help here is few pictures:

    Also when i start computer in safe mode the files load very fast but gets stuck does not move it stays at classpnp.sys.

    I also did this in cmd bootrec/rebuildbcd
    And sfc/scannow
    And those could not fix any problem.

    The computer does not boot and also its very slow when the starting windows comes up with logo it takes longer than normal please help.

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