Windows 7 Driver update for BD player

First off, is this drive in a laptop? If so, what is the laptop's exact model? Secondly, what problem(s) are you having with the drive? Which build of Win 7 are you running? Was your installation a clean install or an upgrade?

I've done some searching and can't seem to find any firmware updates for that drive at this time (in answer to your question). I would strongly advise against using anything (drivers/firmware updates) but what the manufacturer for that drive (or the manufacturer of your laptop IF it is indeed in a laptop) has released, doing so could brick the drive.. ;) In other words if this is in a laptop and you've checked with the manufactuer's site and see nothing in the line of driver/firmware updates, then no there aren't any available at this time.. :)
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It's external drive USB Plug N Play USB 2.0

It's external drive USB Plug N Play USB 2.0

I have problem with it even when using vista basic I use Win 7 Unlimited RC 1.

I bought of eBay from china.

It will not work good when plugged into a USB Hub but when plugged into the USB on the laptop and not the hub it works.

What does not work when plugged into hub is that it will not burn anything only read dvd's and software installs.
Hello sillyshyme and Welcome to Windows7forums... :)

So the question we should be asking "sillyshy" is are you plugging it in through a USB hub? ;)
Both ways tried a hub not good tried direct and works. Why the difference?

Also should note that I have used 2 different types of HUBS.
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