Windows 7 Dual Booting Problem.


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Jan 21, 2009
Hey, Loving Windows 7 but i also need Vista, Heres the problem....

I tried Dual Booting them, Installed it all correctly.,.... I think, Before installing windows 7 i had Ubuntu and VIsta on the dual boot screen, Now it goes straight to windows 7 I check my hard drive in disk managment, It's still there, I just can't accsess VIsta or ubuntu?, Any ideas, I need Vista for running some games. Eg. GTA IV
I had the same issue at first. The way I resolved it was to restart my pc with the win7 install disc in the dvd player. upon reboot, I booted using the dvd. I then selected install win7, at the language,keboard promp, i selected next, then at the lower left of the screen, I chose repair. The system then created a new boot manager
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