Dvd drives and 7

Windows 7 RTM Can Render DVD Drives Inaccessible | Vista Home

Just found this, and thought people might not be aware of it.

It has happend to me on my notebook although i dont have a sony drive.

When i install 7 i cant see my dvd drive in device manager, but when i go back to vista everything works fine and i have tried numerous installs, and tried the 7 disk on a different machine, which works fine.

Interested to hear peoples thoughts.

Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

I have noticed this problem on a few machines.. (None of my own luckily.. ;) ) Definitely not what Win 7 needs at this point in time.. Hopefully a patch through Windows Update will solve the problem.. ;)

Something needs doing quick, as the release date is coming fast and could put a lot of people off, or cause problems if they dont know about it and upgrade only to find out that their drives dont work.

Not good.

I cant upgrade my new notebook until this is sorted out..


It might have something to do with the Error 31, but may not be giving this error.

Try this,,,,,

Delete the following Reg Keys



Then Reboot... see if they show again

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