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I am using Windows 7 SP3 .Earlier i used Dynamic IP as my Network Setiings . But one day the system crashed and since then the internet wasn't working . Then i had to change IP to static and enter the configuration Nos.

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I now need to work with a static IP , and whenever i try to use Dynamic IP the Internet doesn't work , even doesn't even load in the browser. I tried uninstalling the Realtek Ethernet Driver and reinstalling it . . Any idea how to convert my IP back to Dynamic and have the Internet working ? Thanks


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You can try this app
Sometimes it works wonders, other times.... not so much.
Within the .zip file you should see an executable for both 32 and 64bit, make sure to run the correct version for your system architecture.
Just check all the boxes and let it rip.


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Earlier i used Dynamic IP as my Network Setiings
A dynamic address is external i.e. if you are at a internet cafe and want your laptop to "phone home" to a network server of some kind then the dynamic server takes whatever ip address the cafe has and converts it to the one your home server is watching... the rules for these are different for each country but most of them have moved away from dynamic servers.

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192 and 172 are internal addresses and they live BEHIND your router.

Try the tool Trouble posted 1st but you may also want to look into getting a cheap cloud-network hdd... all the hdd venders make them like the seagate central or WD-cloud drive can be a cheap work around that supports phones and tablets {tapping in} as well as a pc.


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Just to be clear.... "dynamic" is the "D" in DHCP, which is used by everyone from giant corporation, ISPs, all the way down to my little router and can be used with both publicly addressable (internet facing) IP addressing schemes as well as private (reserved) IP addressing.

If you are having trouble with DHCP the fault can be local (on your PC) or can be local (on your router), but most often involves the "private" bit.
You could have issues with TCP/IP or issues with your winsock catalog or some malware or legitimate security suite inhibiting your PC's ability to communicate with your router properly to receive DHCP configuration data, or......
You could have issues with your router's firmware (corrupted or unable to properly forward DNS resolution queries) which may be fixed with a firmware update or testing with another router or different environment to understand what might be going on

The tool that I linked to will perform a lot of things automatically (reset the TCP/IP stack, reset the winsock catalog, reset IE, etc., etc.,) but it will not overcome router firmware issues nor an over zealous third party security suite.
You say...
one day the system crashed and since then the internet wasn't working . Then i had to change IP to static
You do not say, why or how "the system crashed" or what you may have done to recover from that. IF it was an infection or a bad driver then I would look more towards the cause of the crash to address your current issue and try to determine why static IP addressing seems to work and why DHCP does not.

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