Windows 10 Enable Dark theme in Windows 10

I am going to show you how to enable the Dark Theme in Windows 10. After seeing 5000+ request on Win Feedback for it, I thought I'd post it here, since it's technically already here for those that want it.

You just need access to your registry to change 2 keys. However, if you were part of the Preview Program, you may only have one of these keys, like me. I currently have only the 2nd value there. I didn't add the other, and I still have the dark theme working like clockwork.

1. KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize
- Here, create a DWORD and name it "AppsUseLightTheme". Give it a value of 0.

2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize
- Here, create a DWORD and name it "AppsUseLightTheme". Give it a value of 0.

Reboot, or log out and then back in to see the changes :)

There are also other values at the location of the 2nd Key which can be changed. These are;
  • Special color
  • Color prevalence
  • Transparency
  • BlurBehind
However, I haven't messed with these, so I don't know what the result would be of doing so.
Thanks :)


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Thanks for this. I only had the second one too but it seems to be working fine. I really prefer dark themes. They're easier on the eyes and the battery in my phone.

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In case you're using windows 10 Insider preview builds 14316, then you can enable this feature right from the setting apps. You can also wait for Windows 10 Anniversary update to rollout to get access to this feature. To enable Windows 10 dark mode, you need to :

Settings -> Personalization -> Left Pane Colors - > Right Pane, scroll down to Choose your mode and select dark mode.


Thanks you!!!!!!!!!
This is so much easier for my to look at.

My eyes are very sensitive to glare (I'm 77) and the big white screens in Windows 10 really are hard to look at.

This is such an improvement, the black type almost disapears against the white, but the White type on the black just looks bigger. LOL

Boy I must not have been seeing too well when I posted my post above. LOL

"Thanks You" "For my to look at".

I need to do my proof weeding.
Wow! Thanks for this tutorial! It's better to have dark theme in windows 10 than having a Theme Pack with Bloat wares and Free wares. Those Theme packs are not worth installing. This Dark Theme is better for me. I have the collection of Windows 10 Dark themes. If you are interested, the i can share the link to download those themes. Thanks.
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