Windows 7 Enaling GOD Mode which will let you set almost all details.

Windows 7 has a God mode "department which let's you to change almost everything.I find it very interesting because any other windows dosn't has one of these,well maybe Vista would be an exception.I've read an article how to activate it and it's very cool.Wan't to try it?Check this article:
How to enable God Mode in Windows 7


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Here is an article explaining GodMode.

List of CLSID to open Windows Special Folders : The Secret BEHIND the Windows 7 GodMode | The Windows Club

As you can see there are several CLSID strings that you can use to create special folders.
Besides Godmode I find the CLSID for Printers and Faxes to be useful.
It opens the old XP style Printers and Faxes folder.

Create a folder and name it with then following
Printers and Faxes.{2227A280-3AEA-1069-A2DE-08002B30309D}
What I do with these special folders is move them to C:\ and create a desktop shortcut. I then use the folder attributes to hide the folder, folder only, not the contents.

You can then rename the shortcut to anything you want.

On a similar note I've created shortcuts to my LAN and Wi-Fi adaptors so I can access and even enable\disable them from the desktop.

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