Epson printer using lots of ink


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Couldn't find a good spot for this so I'll ask here...

I have an Epson XP800 inkjet that I bought a few years ago and barely use, maybe 20 pages a year. But that doesn't stop the ink from going away. It's so annoying.

Is this normal? Should I move to laser for low volume printing without the cost of cartridges every 6 months?


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Yes, it is normal for ink jet ink to dry out. Ink has a shelf-life. In fact, if you look at the cartridges, they will have a Date stamp on them (or the boxes) and you should use the ink before that date. And sadly, once you install them (and they are exposed to air) they expire even faster.

I don't think you can single out any brand as being one to avoid. That said, it seems Canon, HP, and Brother get the higher review ratings.

I don't believe you will be better off getting a laser. That "toner" can try out too.

I think what you should is just remind yourself to print something once a week or so - even if just a test page. This will help keep the print heads drying out too.


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Digerati hit the nail on the head on this one!! :D

@kemical: sold all major printer brands online, catalog, and retail for 5 years; and Epson does indeed have problems with their inks not having the same quality as the other big guys (HP, Canon, Lexmark). Their inks are indeed cheaper, but their shelf-life is much shorter. The old saw "you get what you pay for" has never been more applicable than with regard to Epson printers.:ohno:Back in the 70s and 80s they owned the impact printer market; but since day one their inkjets have been inferior (in my experience), and I see more failed Epson printers than any other brand. And since I recycle failed printers regularly about 10-20 per year, I see that up close and personal on the way to the dump...