eRecovery can not recover the out of factory status

Desktop machine Acer Aspire M5700
Windows Vista Home Prem. 32b.

The original partitions by OEM were re-partitioned and thus caused the problem that eRecovery, the Alt+F10 keys and eRecovery DVD's, can't recover the system back to out of factory status.

The recovery process restarts the PC at the point where installation of the OS begins. A message shows up saying Windows could not be installed due to the incidental restart of the PC. And other time it gives the reason of the failure, that is, 0xa000000e.

I have the eRecovery DVD's, 2 sets. One set of 3 DVD's which contains the OS & the Acer stuff and they are good and used a few times. The other set of 6 DVD's which contains everything of the PC as it was out of the factory.

Anybody know for sure how to recover the OS by the DVD's, PLEASE ?



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You need to set your pc to boot from the optical drive. Switch off and restart the pc. Immediately it starts to power up repeatedly press the F2 key until it enters the BIOS. Go to the tab for boot sequence and move your cd/dvd drive to become the first drive. Exit from the bios by pressing F10. Your pc should now give you the option to boot from the recovery dvd - follow the on-screen instructions.

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