Error code 0x800706F7


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When I try to connect to my wireless router I get no connections available. I select troubleshoot and I get
An error occurred while troubleshooting
A problem is preventing troubleshooting from starting
Package ID: Unknown
Error code: 0x800706F7
Source: Engine
Context: Restricted

I am running Windows 7, 4GB Ram, 64 Bit OS
Can you please help me with this problem so I can use wireless again.



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I'm having exactly the same problem! I just installed updates this morning, so I assume there's something wrong with the updates, but I don't know how to fix it.
Please help!


Exact same issue here, installed this morning. I shouldn't have to be reluctant to download your updates, MS.......

Tyler Roark

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same issue. i also went to install updates this morning and it gave me a unknown error code and told me to trouble shoot when i did it said error prevented troubleshooting from working. error 0x800706F7