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Hi People,

For compatibility reasons, I need to run MS Word in Windows XP Compatible mode in Windows 7.

This does work fine for most computers. However, one of our customers encounters a problem when setting MS Word in Windows XP SP 2 (or 3) Compatible mode.

When she does this, she gets an error saying that the 'message' could not be sent to the program whenever she tries to open a MS Word document (or RTF, or whatever is opened by MS Word) directly. Please note that the error message is in Dutch, so I'm not sure about the actual English version of the error message.

So, directly opening a document gives that error, when she opens the documents from within MS Word itself, it works just fine.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Ps. forgot to mention, it's MS Word 2007.

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I've been browsing the Internet a bit better and I think the error message in English is:

"There was an error sending the command to the program"


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I am not sure of the answer, but doesn't Office 2007 run in XP anyway, without compatibility adjustment?


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Without the adjustment:
1. Word runs fine for normal use.
2. Word cannot make use of its Webdav features properly.

So it's most likely not running in XP compatible mode by default.


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Well, it appears that setting winword.exe in Windows Server 2003 (Service pack 1) compatible mode does the trick.

WebDAV works and no further errors.

It's strange, but I'm happy it works like a charm.

Crossing fingers that Microsoft won't break it down again in a next patch...

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