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ESET Smart Security 5 February 2012 Review:

ESET Smart Security 5 Original 2011 Review:

ESET Smart Security 5 is the latest version of ESET's full system protection suite. It includes the components of NOD32, as well as strong prevention against Viruses, Worms, Trojan horses, Rootkits, Adware, Spyware, Potentially unsafe applications, Potentially unwanted applications, Denial of Service attacks (DoS), DNS Poisoning, Worm Attacks, port scanning, TCP desynchronization, SMB relay attacks, ICMP attacks, E-mail ads, Hoaxes, Phishing attacks, and Spam scams. In this video, Mike Fara installs, reviews, and fully demonstrates software functionality.

Our latest video review of ESET Smart Security (combined with NOD32) shows that this software excels in areas where freeware applications may often be lackluster at best. The software suite has matured over the years, and even while it was outperforming Symantec, McAfee, and all the major front runners, it often went unignored in the US marketplace. Today, go to any MicroCenter, and you will find copies of ESET Smart Security on the front rack of the software section. That is simply because this software is the best in stopping viruses in their tracks, especially those in the wild.

This review of the new software doesn't pull any punches, and attempts to show viewers that the software is worth its weight in gold. As a user of the software for over five years myself, and having deployed the solution in both small business and enterprise environments, I am proud to say that it can be relied upon when called. The sad part is that most users who encounter systemic errors through their entire operating system may have no idea their system is infected. They may be inclined to provide credit card information to 3rd party phishing sites, or become the victims of identify theft. This lack of security are how large bot nets, or networks of hacked computers, are formed. With ESET's solutions, there are no compromises.

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