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Windows 7 Ethernet and Antivirus problems solved.


New Member
Jan 25, 2009
This is a supportive statement to someone else's tip, If you are running and older machine and do not have Windows vista as an OS and are running XP compatible hardware. I went out and bought a Dynex NIC card model DX-E102. IT works with Win7. Also AVG free edition is compatible with Win7. It is obvious that if you can't get on the internet then you can't download updated drivers for your original NIC card or wireless adapter. Even if you have another machine to use, the Vista or updated drivers are hard to find if at all. The card can be purchased at Bestbuy for $18.00 or online. Just Google it and you'll find the answers. Good luck to all. :D

Same here ,I finally found an updated driver,(was randomly downloading drivers till one worked), for the DSL connection and am now connected.My operating system is a pentium 4 and I have been on Windows xp.I am quite surprised that this version of Windows is working as well as it is,my pc is really out dated.
The trouble here is that if you are installing on a Laptop then whilst you can fiddle around with memory and the hard disk --and even a DVD drive in some cases you are pretty much stuck with the NIC that's in the laptop.
However it's rare that BOTH Wireless and NIC don't work. Another solution for a laptop is to use a PCI express Ethenet adapter card or really cheap a USP==>Lan adapter - this will ALWAYS work.