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If you have Vista Ultimate on one hard drive and instal Windows 7 Pro on another hard drive in same computer are you violating the EULA. I am having an argument with a freind of mine over this matter. I say you are not because the Operating systems is still on the same computer. He says the key and license to Vista is no longer valid to Vista once you upgrade Windows 7, I say this is not true each OS is on the same computer just different hard drives independent of each other . The EULA only says it cannot be on different computers.
I am looking for an answer to this question. Any and all help would be appreciated


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Microsoft says if you use an upgrade from a previous version, the prior OS will be deactivated and cannot be reused. That is why they say the prior OS has to be activated. So I would have to agree with your friend. You may not run into a problem until you try to reactivate using the old key, or maybe during an update.

I am having problems trying to justify not being able to reuse the prior OS, but Microsoft seems to be changing their thinking on upgrades, probably because of the online capability to check your system. Maybe this procedure is built into their pricing scheme so they justify it that way, I just do not know.
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Thank you that may be the case however it does work, When W7 Pro Upgrade is installed on a different Hard Drive it creates a Boot Manager allowing the user of choice of Vista Ultimate OEM or Windows 7 upgrade. Since you can only run one OS at a time you in effect just have the OS on one computer just different drives.
For what ever reasons this works and I have used upgrade on vista and that also works with no problems the same applied to Office 2007 and has always worked even when I was running the RC and Vista


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I'm still mystified that someone actually read the EULA... I always look for the box to check to continue.


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You should contact Microsoft's anti-piracy team for a definitive answer to this question.