Event 3, Kernel-Event Tracing Error -- Session UBPM stopped


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Win 7, Home Premium, 64
Every time I reboot my machine I get an Event 3, Kernel-Event Tracing Error: "Session "UBPM" stopped due to the following error: 0xC0000022" and a companion "Session "Eventlog-Security" stopped due to the following error: 0xC0000022". All that I have found out is that UBPM is the Unified Background Process Manager and is used as necessary for certain tasks. So far I have not experienced any problems but maybe I just haven't done something that will require it. This started when I had a data drive (not same drive as C) begin to fail and cause problems with windows booting. Once I replaced the data drive Windows booted ok, but with some odd problems as this and including Event 25, volsnap errors which I have posted in another thread.

Would appreciate some help in resolving this problem. Thanks.


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Did you do a clean install of Windows 7 after putting in the new data h.d. ? You need to, as that's more than likely the problem.


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Thanks for the response. No. It was just a data drive that was failing, not the system drive, although it did cause some interesting problems with windows while it was failing until it would take forever to boot and then quit booting. Once I replaced the data drive windows booted but with this these problems.

Reinstalling windows would be an absolute last ditch solution. I have over 2-1/2 years of system and other sw configurations and literally hundreds of programs that would have to be reinstalled. That would be a nightmare.


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Referring to your other thread, http://windowsforum.com/threads/event-25-volsnap-error.180450/, it may be an issue with Windows update - it won't recognize your new drive, but reacts as it is something hostile. 0x80070490 has a Fixit, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958044

For further study, http://www.pchelpforum.com/xf/threads/volsnap-error-during-shadow-copy.89091/ might not be the worst. It could be a NVIDIA issue?

Generally, I would agree with brkkab. I participated in a game mod project, where one of the leading characters lost more than 4Tb of data, due to a crash >>> get a new disk where you install Windows, then organize your data. And do not have your personal data on same disk / partition as you have Windows.


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Thanks Pauli. Fixit did not find any errors. Windows Update is failing on MS Office 2010 updates with error 8007006E. Other updates are installing without error. I ran the System Update Readiness Tool and System File Checker (SFC.exe) (found no integrity problems) and that did not fix the update problem. The volsnap and UBMP problems still persist. Everything else seems to be working ok. I already keep my system drive to a bare minimum and all data on other drives. I will test the system drive again and run burnin test again on all components, although I did that extensively in troubleshooting the system in the beginning. I do have a replacement for the system drive that I ordered when I thought the problem might be the system drive (turned out to be the data drive). I could restore the new drive to a pre-problem backup of the system drive than I save, but I don't have a backup of the System Reserved partition. Do you know whether the System Reserved Partition changes. I don't use bitlocker.

I have had drives fail in the past, both system and data and never had a problem like this. Really maddening.

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