.exe and regedit problem

So I was fixing something with Regedit and I know I typed something in by mistake because now my system won't open any .exe program. That includes regedit so I don't know how to fix it. Help, Please?
I have Windows 7.

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Did you try system Restore? It's always a good idea to make a registry backup before messing around there.

I have no clue what exactly your talking about. And no, sadly I didn't make a backup.
Edit: Tried system backup. Turns out it is also a .exe file so doesn't work either.

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System backup is not what you want - click on the orb and in "search programs and files" enter:

system restore

and run it.

System restore doesn't work either. My mistake made all .exe file inoperable and system restore appears to be one as well.


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Depends on exactly what you have done but the most likely cause is that you've damaged the registry entries which tell windows how to handle files with the exe extension. Unzip the attached and run it on the problem pc to restore your registry settings for exe files. It is a .reg file, not an exe file so you shouldn't have that problem running it.

View attachment exefix.zip

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