Windows 7 Explorer Alternative enables Hidden features


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There is application called Powerdesk that is an excellent Windows Explorer alternative.

On install I would uncheck all entries it suggest if you want to use your current archive extractor and Windows Explorer as the shell

If you've every looked in SysInternals Autoruns and noticed an entry named CopyasPath, it never shows up in Windows Explore on the right-click menu anywhere.

Powerdesk enables this hidden feature as well as other which show you all the locations that you can copy and/or move files to. This could only be accomplished before by a certain key combination.

You can also drag and drop shortcuts to the Launchbar giving you one-click access to your most used programs.

Powerdesk has the familiar features which are not available in Windows 7 Explorer such as Undo, Cut, Copy, Back and Forward buttons and Up One Leve.l It also has Move To and Copy To as well

It can extract, make, test integrety of zip files, and UUencode and Decode also.

Download Powerdesk here

If you want to remove the nag screen it can be done using Resource Hacker. If you need instructions, just post back.

In my follow up post I'll show the advantages of Powerdesk's Find Files and Folders search utility which blows Windows Search away.

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i'm on it. i like trying new things, and getting results that i didn't expect, but like.


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Here's info on the Find Files feature:

Fast, Powerful Search Utility Enables Hidden features

In a previous post I mentioned Powerdesk. It also enables the hidden feature of CopyAsPath and extends the SendTo menu to include many more folder options which was only previously available with a certain keyboard combination. Locate the pdfind.exe file in the C:\Program Files\Vcom\Powerdesk directory and drag a shortcut to the desktop. Powerdesk also blows away Windows Explorer.

It's File Finder feature leaves Windows Search in the dust.

You can search using wild cards, including multiple wild cards, such as lf*12*.dll. this will locate all occurrences of Lead Tools graphic viewers that require version 12.

My initial search took 2 minutes, the C:\winsxs folder taking the most amount of time.

The initial search is the slowest, but still far superior to Windows Search. This search went through two partitions containing 87,500 files and 5,700 folders. the subsequent search only took only 15 seconds

You can append file result searches

You can limit search by path or drives

You can search by attributes

You can search by Date, Time, and Size

You can filter by any file type. As an example, I have ACDSee installed on my system. You can select ACDSee bmp image and it will return all bitmap files.. You can search for specific Video Lan Player files.

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