Windows 7 External Harddrive and AIM problem...


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Feb 25, 2009
So, been using Windows 7 for a couple weeks now and it's all good, but just recently I've noticed after the computers been on like over night or something that my AIM will automatically pop up when it's minimized to the system tray and my external hard drive will disconnect while it's still plugged in. I've checked the usb ports for it, but the cord is plugged in good.

So, not sure what's going on here. It never did this in Vista or Linux so that's really a downfall, I don't wanna have to unhook and reconnect my external hard drive everyday, it gets to be annoying, especially when you've got to move a billion of cords and hard drives to get to it.

Also, my Num lock key will deactivate after the computer has been inactive as well. I'm not sure what's happening or when it's doing these things because I've turned sleep mode, standby, etc all off. So, anyone else had problems like this? It gets really annoying when I wake up and go to use my ext. drive and the num pad and find it disconnected and off. Then I've gotta waste time digging through cables to unhook and rehook the ext. drive up and hit the num lock key again. Ugh...
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