Extremely high access/seek time for hard disk

After a long wait of 2 weeks I got my Hands on new Samsung NP550P5C-S02IN - Corei7 3610QM, 8GB DDR3 1600, Nvidia Geforce GT650M, and...... a 5400

rpm HDD :(Seagate Momentus ST1000LM024).....The system was not delivering the expected performance, so i did a benchmark of the HDD using

HDtune and Hwinfo32. All parameters except the seek time is ok. HDtune reported seek time as 21.3 ms while Hwinfo32 reported it as

24.17 ms
which is higher than a legacy IBM drive -> see pics below. Is there a problem with my hard drive ?? Should I go for a replacement ??
Does anyone out there has the same drive and can perform a benchmark for comparison ??



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Seagate http://www.seagate.com/files/staticfiles/support/docs/samsung-ds/100698122c.pdf gives a 12ms Average Seek time (typical). I tested my HDD

HD test.jpg

and yes, yours seems to be slow. Since you have a new piece of equipment, taking it to the seller would be the wise thing. That way you get it properly done, no hassle in future.


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What you need to do is download and run Seagate's own drive diagnostics, SeaTools and use that to show Seagate you have a bad drive - it is hard for them to argue with their own diagnostics tool - though I don't see them (or the vendor) arguing about it.

Thanks for the reply guys, however i am finding that at notebook check.net

Seagate Momentus ST1000LM024

HD Tune Read min: 46.8
HD Tune Read avg: 83.7
HD Tune Read max: 107.5
HD Tune Access Time: 20

This says access time of 20ms. It seems confusing now

@Titanic- is your hdd 7200 rpm ??

@Digerati- I will get sea tools and check it and post the results here- :)


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@Titanic- is your hdd 7200 rpm ??
Ohmyohmyohmy... I did the typical thing I may rightfully be accused of doing repeatedly: I didn't read the case thoroughly. My HDD is 7200. Sorry 'bout the lapsus :redface: . "According to Freud's early psychoanalytic theory, a lapsus represents a missed deed that hides an unconscious desire."

In my case that desire would probably be Saving the world. And what this has to do with hard disks or the aim of this Forum, go figure, and Heaven only knows.

I sure hope you get problems solved.

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