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Windows 7 extremely long boot up


New Member
Jun 4, 2009
I was running the Windows 7 beta, and I just finished installing the RC. Everytime I've booted up it's stayed on the Starting Windows screen for over a minute each time. I have a two 7200 RPM 32MB cache hard drives in RAID 0 and an e6750 running at 3.3ghz so the boot up time is ridiculous. The beta booted in under 10 seconds, and I have no idea what could be causing the problem. That and it does not detect my disk drive anymore after installation despite it being detecting during the boot sequence.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you perform an upgrade or a "clean" install?
Not sure if this is the same issue, But my PC recently started to slow down in the boot process. And Finaly when booting into Normal Mode, would just display a Black screen with the Windows 7 Evaluation Copy. Build 7100 in the bottom right corner. (Could not do a thing!! :mad:)

My Fix:
Booted into safe mode, then did an Error check on both HDD's. After the Error-Checking Scan, Rebooted and PC is now working fine again...:D
it was a clean install. The boot has gotten quicker, but it still takes twice as long as it did for the beta. Also, my dvd drive is still not showing up. The beta was also installed on a non-raid setup so it is odd that its taking longer for the RC to boot up. That being said its not a ridiculously long boot where I'd have to leave in come back to stop myself from punching the monitor =\ I'm not exactly the most patient person. It could just be that the RC has to do more on that screen, which I'd understand.
Right-click on the taskbar choose task manager an let us know how many tasks are running.

You can also disable unnecessary services.

And you can go to Start > Run, type msconfig, click the startup tab and disable everything expert for your anti-virus, spyware detector, and/or personal firewall if you have one.

If you need detailed instruction, just post back and I;ll try to help.
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Open up the Event Viewer.

In the tree goto "Application and Services Logs" -> "Microsoft" -> "Windows" ->"Diagnostics - Performance" -> "Operational".

If there are any critical or errors (Marked with red symbols) that show up, investigate the contents of their log.. It'll usually tell you what's taking long to boot up.
I went to the operational diagonstic and it had several critical and error messages. The critical messages typically just logged that the boot up was slow. Each log indicated that boot was 1-3 minutes long.

A couple of the error messages indicated that particular components were loading very slowly and they were flagged as degredation.

It looks like the initial really long boots were caused by the SCSI drivers take a long time to initialize. This is probably due to me using the RAID setup. I never had to provide it with raid drivers during the installation process because I installed from the windows 7 beta onto my raid HDD. The beta was on a slower HDD, but the raid setup was still with the system.

I noticed that the drives were not performing up to their potential (90mB/s transfer rate avg. according to HD Tune). I'm guessing that whatever drivers Windows 7 had assigned to it wasn't quite compatible. I've installed the new drivers, and recently it doesn't appear that the SCSI initialization has caused a hang. Also with the new drivers the raid setup is running about 50% faster so the new drivers are working better.

Two days ago the SMSS was hanging, but that hasn't happened since, and this morning at 3A.M. apparently my computer rebooted, and the BackgroundPrefetch hanged for 82 seconds. I'm going to reboot right now to see if that occurs again. What could cause that to hang though?

Thanks for the help.

The slowdown was on the boot screen not win logging into windows. Disabling services and applications at startup doesn't affect the boot up time there.
Everything seems to be running fine now. No events were generated at bootup (warning, error, or critical) and it appears to be running much more quickly. Thanks for the assistance.
pretty much. whatever raid driver it was using was causing the problem. Since it was working I assumed it migrated the drivers from the beta, but apparently it didn't.