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Windows 8 F1 2011 can't be installed - Please PLEASE help me :(


New Member
Jul 26, 2013
I just got my new computer (Lenovo Z500 Ideapad nordic edition)

It runs Windows 8.

I just bought F1 with the computer in a disc. But for some reason when i install it it just says "Please wait while Windows configures f1 2011. The green bar stops at 1/5 and i tried to install it several times. I tried the Wizard installer but diddent help.

What can i do??
Try Right-click the Setup file and "Run as Administrator".
Observe any hidden pop-up message.
If you want to overwrite the existing system with a fresh install that is no problem. Run the install and format the drive before installing - serials are not "embedded". Before overwriting the existing system you should consider running the built in utility to create a set of recovery disks should you later wish to revert to the oem installation.