Facing Issues with New Window 11 update

Karan Walunj

New Member
Hey Window Team i received update for my Window 11 and since then I'm face some major issues all Linked printers through Network were removed automatically and i can't reconnect them it's showing some error but same thing is not happening to other PC in my office and also after update I'm face issue with AutoCAD Software it keeps crashing if i open Solid edge generated Cad File it works fine when it i open Normal Cad Generated file. I talked with them and they told me it's Windows 11 issue I hope you solve it as soon as possible thank you…!


Cloud Security Engineer
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We're not part of nor affiliated with Microsoft, but if it's not majorly impacting your work I would just wait until Microsoft fixes the issues or creates a workaround. Otherwise you may need to remove the patch causing the issue.


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Funny, I was complaining to myself about the Taskbar calendar starting off late in the month then discovered it scrolled with the wheel to anywhere I liked it. Wow, this 11 is getting better all the time.