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I was interested on what search provider everyone is using and your thoughts on why.

I'd have to say it's a tie between Webcrawler and Google.. I prefer Webcrawer because I find it does a better job of narrowing down the search results than Google does.. ;)


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Google is #1 for me. Seems to have the most relevant links for me at the top, as opposed to Bing.

Google is great.

Bing/Live Search was bad. I hate yahoo. Goggle is far the best.

But AOL's is powered by Google.

Did it not come out as a poll? It is my end.
It is now yeah.. weird, it wasn't when I first clicked on it.. Delay I guess.. ;)

definitely google! i haven't use webcrawler much, but will check it out. but google gives me the results i am looking for right up front, with out all the other mess some of the other ones give.

no particular reason, but i have always used Google

I also tend to use Google for everything. I tried Bing but was unimpressed and noticed no major difference between it and LiveSearch. As for Yahoo I used to use it back in the early days of search providers but after using Google I never looked back. However, I do wish that someone would do what MS was aiming for with Bing only this time actually introduce us to something new and improved.


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No Google here

I continue to use Yahoo as my primary search engine although I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with everything about Yahoo. I loathe "Giggle" and do not trust them (with my personal information OR browsing history) and simply would not use a search function if they were the only one left. I intend to check out Bing to replace the increasingly troublesome and aloof Yahoo.

always Google..got used to it yaar..

Google is my search engine. :)

As much as I don't like Chrome, that much I do like Google search. Not just because I am used to it, Google also works best, it is fast, simple, and accurate.

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