Windows 8 Fear Not Windows 8, But Embrace It


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Not too long ago, I had all but given up on Microsoft. The different variations of Windows had not changed that much, and could frankly all be summed up by the phrase, "Window 3.0 et al." Yeah, things changed under the hood for the better, but the user interface was [...]

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I'm not sure that seasoned Windows users fear Win 8. Sure they might loathe the poorly thought out UI on non touch screen systems. That was me, then I installed Classic shell and I can now enjoy a UI that makes sense. I've used it now almost since Pro was released and to be honestly not impressed. To me all the hype about performance bein improved was just that. I only bought it because it was supposed to be so amazing and well it was cheap. I'm trying to keep an open mind and think it will get better over time. But I think 39.99 was where the price should stay, not worth more.

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