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It's your system, so it's your call.

Just FYI - the most problems that I've had doing this sort of analysis is with the OCZ Vertex drives. And most successful solutions involve updating the firmware.

Good luck to you!

It looks like installing the newest Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology enterprise Driver Software has helped, or I was just lucky today. I have had no freezes and was able to play music in iTunes (note version 11 was released yesterday) for about 5 hours long without any issues.

Also if I look in the event viewer, look at today (6-12-2012 22:26:35 until now 7-12-2012 03:53:21) compared to the previous days and you will see there are almost no warnings or errors present. (Yes I work until 22:00 and sleep at 04:00).

Below are just 3 examples of my Event Viewer today and the 2 previous days, I think you will see a huge difference!


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Looking good Cody! :)

It decided to freeze again just now, I am not sure why as I had just booted the computer 10 minutes ago. I checked Event Viewer and found no disk errors like before (I did do a reset though). I will try to update the firmware over the weekend and see if it helps.

How high is the chance that my SSD is really just failing? This issue did not occur until I installed Windows 8.

EDIT: I found this link via Google and I will try the fix later today:

This guy has the EXACT same issues and has tried the EXACT same solutions with no luck until he came across the last one, the only difference being his Windows 8 was installed on an HDD instead of an SSD.

The fix is as follows:

Since the SATA drives (running AHCI mode) were set to enable “hot swap” in the BIOS and LPM was disabled in PCI power management there have been no further instances. Earlier, the latest AHCI SATA drivers were installed, and those may have contributed to the fix.

Why these changes were necessary and not made by the O/S upon install is problematic. Hopefully, the RTM will do better.

EDIT2: Found this as well to back up the fix:

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Thanks for the follow up Cody. I'll pass this on to other forum users.

So far everything has been okay :)


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Fingers crossed here.. :)

Everything is still good, I'm gonna call this fix confirmed.

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