Windows 8 file got saved as .ram instead of its default extension


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Mar 29, 2023
have come across a situation where a file is stored with .ram extension instead of its default extension,so is there any shortcut on windows operating system to store file as .ram file,felt like some shortcut unexpectedly created it,can someone help on this? curious to know what might have happened

File extensions can be assigned anything. The are only used for the explorer process to help determine icons and what to open the file with. Anything could add any extension value to a file.

thanks for replying,my concern here is generally to my knowledge this shouldn't happen and it never happened till date,there are no such cases where it should get saved as .ram,so just trying to understand this,
and since .ram is used for some audio files as searched on internet,but there are no such softwares installed and so as a result there is no such case where some or other file can get saved as with .ram file extension,it is not manually saved as .ram but just when trying to opt "save as" somehow it is saved as .ram,your inputs are appreciated on this.

You would have to look at the first 16 bytes of the file to known what they really are. I also had to search the net as I was not familiar with a .ram file. Without some time of EDR you'll not likely be able to track down what created the file.

At best you could enable advanced auditing for process creation and review that periodically to see what is creating the file.