files still on harddrive but cant find it, HELP!!


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i just did a custom install of windows 7 on my HP laptop, my computer says i have 20 out of 220 gigs left meaning that my music and movies are still on there but i cannot find them!! i was fine with starting over from scratch but this is worse b/c all my hard drive space is being taken up and i cant access any of the media!?!? there is a "windows.old " folder but with nothing of any importance in it, please help


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There are two hidden folders beside the Windows.old folder. You have to set the folders view to show hidden or system folders. They should be listed at the top of the C: drive with a ~Q or something like that. You might check those.

If your files were from iTunes, it might be a problem since iTunes was listed as a problem in the compatibility checker, but hopefully they are there as mine were.