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    I have a filesharing problem between my windows7 machine and my Freecom Media player (a hardware media player to connect to a television). The freecom mediaplayer recognizes my windows 7 PC, but it says that no directories are shared. (but of course I shared some directories in win 7).
    I have also an old XP pc and file sharing between the Windows 7 machine and the XP machine is no problem.
    What I already tried:
    *turning off firewall
    *enabling the guest account
    *giving file sharing rights to everyone and to the guest account.
    *enabeling file and printer sharing
    *turn off password protection for file sharing
    *create a homegroup
    *leaving the homegroup again

    File sharing between my Freecom media player and my old Win XP PC is possible.
    Before windows 7, I had Win Vista installed on my new PC. File sharing between the media player and the new PC with windows Vista was also possible.

    I have build 7100 of Win7 RC.

    I hope somebody can help me ? I think it might be a problem with rights of the guest account or something like that. Maybe an extra security feature of windows 7 that was not yet present on XP and Vista
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