Can't upgrade to Win 10 from clean install of 7


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Hi All,
Have a problem upgrading to 10. I booted from my original win 7 x64 home edition, clean installed, deleted all files. It may be worth noting when I was prompted what disk to put OS on, i deleted 2 100mb partions as I figured they weren't needed, and loaded the OS onto my main 1000gig SSD . Afer the setup time and resetting a few times Win 7 loaded up. Now I was off to upgrade to win 10. I went to
and clicked on 'update now'
File downloaded, and when i tried to run it got this error

I then clicked on 'Create Windows 10 installation media', tried to run it, then got this message..

Just keep hitting walls. This is a total nightmare, why is this happening? Any help is appreciated, thanks all..
There is no need to install Win 7 and then upgrade. Just install Windows 10 and enter the Win7 license