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Today's library is one I've seen asked for a number of times on different forums and comments. Best of all, you can get it free and help them flesh it out...

Metrilus Aiolos Finger Tracking

We are excited to share our Finger Tracking library Aiolos for Kinect v2 with you. At this time, Aiolos is still in an experimental stage. Feel free to play with it, but don’t expect it to be perfect, yet. To improve #Aiolos we are interested in your feedback! What do you use it for? How would you like to use it? Please also tell us if you find bugs. This is especially important for us to further develop Aiolos.


  • 2-D position of finger tip-, middle- and root joint
  • 2-D contour points of the hand
  • 3-D position of finger tip-, middle- and root joint
  • 3-D contour points of the hand
  • finger labeling (experimental)


Aiolos for Kinect v2 works side by side with the Kinect SDK. Get the infrared and depth images, put them into Aiolos, and get three 3D points for each finger. The download also includes a small sample program.

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