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I've done a little Googling...at least enough to know that the type of software that I want is available, but at a price. Does anyone know of a good clipboard manager that can be run from a flash drive and works with a variety of Windows and Linux OSs (preferably freeware)?


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If you google up "clipboard manager portable app", you will get a lot of good result.


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Yes, that is true. However I already stated that I had Googled and did find results, but that didn't answer my question. I want a recommendation from someone with hands-on experience with a program that he can recommend, and if necessary answer some questions in it's use...like whether it would work on a regular flash drive, or if it would require a U3 flash drive? The descriptions to be found by clicking on Google links rarely, if ever gives anyone a clear understanding about any kind of software, much less something somewhat obscure like this.


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I just read a review of the Yankee Clipper III clipboard extender, which I have been using on my desktop for years now:


Which says that it is portable and usable from a flash drive. So I attempted to install it on one of my flash drives. I was immediately blocked by the fact that the setup did not list the flash drive as a location that it could be installed on. In fact, other than my primary C: drive, the only other two options listed were two drives in my external eSATA case. I suppose that I could simply copy the setup.exe to the flash drive, but I don't see how that could work, because selecting it would still require it to be installed on whatever OS that I attached the drive to, and I'm guessing that would conflict with the installation already installed on them now.

Maybe I just don't understand exactly what the term "portable" really means, because I though it meant that the app wouldn't need to be installed at all.

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