Folder sharing between WIN 7 and McAffee

Simple yes but I have failed to reconnect the computers after install of McAffee from AT&T. Both computers are seen in the McAffee application but not in the homegroup. McAffee says the other computer has not been invited yet. I have the ip address of both in the approved network section of the anti virus firewall.

Question: Can the router be blocking the connection? The folders had been set up and operating prior to the anti virus install the other day. Both computers have active internet but just don't see each other.

The second computer is visible in the network map but not addressable.


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If as you said, "The folders had been set up and operating prior to the anti virus install", then I probably wouldn't go looking for other causes. If an uninstall of the antivirus suite returns your network to operating as before, then I would assume that you should contact either McAfee or AT&T to resolve this issue. Personally, I use Microsoft Security Essentials and the built in Windows 7 firewall and feel quite safe. Of course those types of decisions are yours to make.

Thanks for the quick replies and McAfeeeee is on it's way out right now.

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