Font glitch on my browsers on certain sites (Twitch, Dribble, PayPal )


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Hello there!

Im recently having a font glitch within my browsers (Edge and Chrome) on certain sites like Twitch, Dribble, PayPal etc (as you can see in the screenshots). Im suspecting it has to do with me deleting accidentally a system font. The problem didnt solved with the upgrade to the latest insider preview build 14295.


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It seems the fonts in question is Helvetica or at least that what I'm seeing when viewing the source mode of the pages. I don't think Helvetica is a default windows 10 system font is it?

I found 2 Helvetica fonts in my Fonts folder that I probably installed recently and deleted both of them. Now the font is readable but I'm not sure if that's the right font to be rendered within these sites.

Is this the exact font Twitch is using on the Games page in Edge browser? Can you confirm he exact match?


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orphydian … and this is from what i understand … really depends on how one's browser is set up … how their os is configured … etc. take for instance, the image you attached ( :
Counter-Strike: Global…
Counter-Strike: Gl…
Counter-Strike: Glo…

i access neither mie nor edge … also, i have neither opera nor safari installed. however, as you can see … the text-flow differs in all three examples. furthermore, the font used on 95% of that page seems to be "arial" instead of "helvetica".

as for helvetica … seems it is not utilized/included with standard windows-os installation. the helvetica font-family is, far as i know, a commercially licensed font. you most likely acquired helvetica with a software package installation … i could name half-dozen such programs which install the helvetica font (e.g. marketing, word-processing, reprographics, etc) … no, microsoft-office is not one such package.

the default system-font for win-10 seems to be "segoe" … as evidenced in this article:

here, then, is a compendium of fonts utilized by microsoft-windows:


however … i strongly suggest you move the helvetica back into the fonts-folder, if you haven't done so already … though, the omission of the font probably won't crash any software.
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