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Recently I've been having issues with the way text is displayed on my computer. Everything had been working fine until a few weeks ago, and I've had this install of windows running for over a year now with no issues.

Anyways, the problem is that a lot of text looks glitchy and is very difficult to read. This happens in most programs, not just internet browsers, although that it the main issue. Here is an example of the issue in firefox:



Text looks like this on most websites when I use the default viewing size on webpages, and zooming in even one click will correct the issue, but the problem is that that only resolves the issue for web browsing. Other programs can't just be zoomed in to fix it.

I've tried searching the web for answers but I usually just get threads etc about how to fix text size, for when programs have text cut off by too large a font.

Could reinstalling the affected fonts possibly fix this? And is there a way to do such a thing without reinstalling windows?

Does anyone have any solutions or ideas? I can provide more pics or info if necessary, let me know what you need.


Thanks for the reply.

However, these didn't seem to fix the issue. With approach 2, the windows 7 disc has no folder for all the fonts - so I grabbed an old XP disc, but filenames and such appear different so I'm not sure how copying the fonts would work. For approach 3, I have tried many times adjusting font sizes, but none seem to fix anything (also, it's not possible to set size to 75% and back since W7 only allows sizes of 100%+).

With approach 1 (repair installation), I'm not sure, I didn't try it. I'm not sure how a repair works in XP, or if the option exists in 7. If so, would the installation simply replace missing or damaged files without altering anything else? I'd have a lot of things to back up first if I need to reinstall, so that is pretty much my last resort.

Is it a used Dell/Windows?

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Try this:

  • Open the Start menu and type in "Appearance"
  • Select "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows"
  • Uncheck "Smooth edges of Screen Fonts"

Try this:

  • Open the Start menu and type in "Appearance"
  • Select "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows"
  • Uncheck "Smooth edges of Screen Fonts"
That didn't do it either... just made start menu and other fonts look odd.

And no, it isn't a used dell or a laptop, it's a custom desktop I built last August. Don't know why this just came on out of nowhere...

Was it working good when you started it up the first time?

Maybe you did something odd when you was building it.

Was it working good when you started it up the first time?

Maybe you did something odd when you was building it.
Yes, it has been working fine for almost a year, just started to see the weird font a couple weeks ago.

Well I don't know what to give you.

Well thanks for trying anyways.

Anyone else have any solutions or ideas?


Still haven't found a fix... I've been hoping that one of the countless Windows Updates I've installed since the issue arose would fix it, but no luck.


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I don't think there is a "fix" as such. You seem to have a corrupted file or instruction in the chain. If you are unable to do a restore to an earlier date, try:
Open a Command Prompt (run as Administartor), type this command and then press Enter.
sfc /scannow(The space between sfc and /scannow is intended).
The operation may take as much as 15 minutes.

Oooou, Ooou, pick me (waving his hand like Horshack)

I just had a client w/ what MAY be a similar scenario... only worse but, to continue...

In my clients case the font had gone 100% wonky everywhere & nothing could be deciphered or selected well enough to do much of anything, Point being, (oh & stuff from XP won't reflect well when put along side Win7) finding ways to fix or alter this 'phenomenon' (sp?) may seem impossible. His had don't it twice, abruptly & for no apparent reason; albeit there was some stuff in his machine that did not sit well w/ me... Anyway, the OS was reinstalled... something in the reg or the OS was corrupt or broken in someway. I am suggesting, try Sys Restore, the Repair from the OS disc or a fresh (Clean) (re)install... @ least you can 'see' to grab any data you may want to keep. Just be prepared, as just may be the appraoch needed.

Sorry, sfc scannow will not find or fix this, if it's the same glitch as I encountered... been there, done that, tried it, have the T-shirt



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Thanks for the responses.

sfc scannow did not detect any problems, but it was worth a shot.

@Drew, so in your client's case the only solution seemed to be reinstalling the OS? That would be kind of a last resort for me if the issue continues to bother me enough. Otherwise, I'd like to avoid doing that as I currently have a lot of stuff set up the way I want it, and it may take a while to get a clean windows install back to this state (minus the text glitches, of course)...

Yes it did/was. Certainly a last resort but, @ least you can get your wanted data off 1st

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