Forgotten Admin Password


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Running Win8.1 & don't have Password Reset Stick. Signed in with a Microsoft account which is powerless and useless. All the the stuff you can type into the "RUN" box result in a popup asking for a (missing) password!
How do I restore my full admin privileges???


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The first account created on a Windows computer should be a local admin by design. I can't confirm that with using a Microsoft Account as I never setup computers that way. You should be able to use a tool like lazesoft offline password tool which is part of Hiren's Boot Disc now to enable and blank out the built-in Administrator account if you need to do any admin work and don't have access to another administrative user account.


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I think it can be done as long as the account doesn't require to connect to microsoft. This is done by creating a live os with a usb stick, then start the live os and replace a executable on your hd with cmd.exe, then restart the machine and load up the system normally access the accessibility tool, execute the cmd.exe and overright the admin password. Look on YouTube, there is plenty of videos.


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This guide might help you to reset the password of a local account.
I do not know how you can recover an administrator account.
To recover admin password for Windows 8,i don’t think it’s a good way to use Microsoft to verify and accept the new password,many times, Microsoft did not respond in time after receiving our verification email.