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Windows 7 Formatting hard disk interupted by power management


New Member
May 15, 2009
When trying to format a large hard disk (1TB) from the Disk Management interface in Windows 7 (64bit Build 7000) the operation is interrupted (paused) by power management spinning down the drive. Power management is set to High Performance which results in the hard disks spinning down after 20 minutes. Manually changing the hard disk power down time to never allows the format to complete uninterrupted.

Should power management prevent the spinning down of a disk that is being formatted regardless of the current profile?
Yes it should, but it seems to be set to prevent it only when the user is doing actions on it (or using a third party software) but did you try to install Windows 7 RC Build 7100? They probably fixed it, the 7000 has been release since a while already, Microsoft fixed a lot of minor problems like this one with the last build.
Have just installed RC 7100 will try again and let you know.