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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by occtec, Jul 19, 2014.

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    Hey guys I hope someone can shed some light on this for me as I am at a complete loss.

    I have a HP pavilion dv6-1129tx laptop it still has the genuine battery in it which is about 4yrs old but I assume it is still alright as it holds charge for over an hour running in battery alone.

    OS is vista Home Premium 32bit, the issue I'm having is with power management. When I start the laptop with battery and ac plugged in screen is at max brightness when I remove the ac cord display and the rest of the laptop goes into power saving mode. When I replug the ac adapter the battery light comes on as if it is charging but the battery icon in windows does not indicate that it's charging and does not show the ac adapter plugged in, on top of that the laptop continues to stay in power saving mode. Yet as mentioned above if I start the laptop on with battery inserted and ac plugged in it shows that it's charging the battery and power saving mode is off with full brightness and performance.

    I have restored the OS from recovery partition, this does not fix it. I have tried a brand new battery with higher capacity, original is 4200mah higher capacity is 5200mah but when I attempt to recover OS it tells me to plug in AC even though it is plugged in, yet when I put the old battery in the 4200mah with ac plugged in it allows recovery as it has detected that ac cable is plugged in.

    The only thing I did notice is that the ac adapter rating for the laptop is 19v @ 4.74a but the targus one I got with this secondhand laptop had a 19.5v ac adapter with it.

    I am tearing my hair out, could someone please help out, is it possibly the ac adapter being the incorrect voltage causing this problem for me??

    Your advice would be gratefully appreciated and I thank anyone that could please help in advance.

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    The first question: is the problem with the actual charging activity or with what Windows reports? Ignoring what Windows shows, do the charger and battery do what they are supposed to? You describe the charging LED coming on when you plug in the charger. Does the battery charge completely and hold its charge? Do both batteries do that? Also, is the new battery an OEM battery or one from a third party (I've had extremely bad luck with replacement batteries from third parties).

    Given that you have an end-of-life original battery, a new battery of a different capacity (and unknown quality?), two chargers with different voltages, and mixed results being reported by Windows, my initial inclination would be to discount a bad driver as the cause; it is more likely hardware-related. The Windows reporting may reflect either a hardware problem, like a dirty contact in an internal switch in the power socket, or be voltage related. The old battery and the high capacity battery may be drawing more charging current than would be normal for a new standard capacity battery, and the higher-voltage adapter may be better able to handle it (assuming it has the same current rating).

    Try this: put in the new battery and with the laptop powered off, let it charge overnight. Then start it without the AC adapter. Does it power up and behave normally? Give it a few minutes after it's finished booting and check what Windows reports. Does it show a fully-charged battery? Then plug in the higher-voltage adapter. Does it recognize the adapter and behave as if it's plugged in?
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    I don't know for sure, but my HP always goes into the power saving mode when on battery. I have never worried about it since I normally use the adapter. Check you power options and see what they are set at.

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