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Do you get confused about which forum you are on and what you have posted where? Maybe even what you have read and where?

I was curious about how many forums do members here belong to right now? On average how many post/threads do you make in a day? What are some of your favorite forums that you can't do without, in general of course. Do you learn what you need from a forum when you go to it? Are you looking for conversation, information or just seeing your words in type? Why do you visit and/or stay on a forum?

Right now I am only on this forum. If I need technical information I pick one forum and stick to it until I am satisfied with what I learn, which I was very satisfied with what I learned here. If I am just looking for general back and forth conversation on any given subject I still only seem to stick to one, maybe two forums at a time. Most of the forums I go to are related to games I am playing on Xbox. The enthusiasm of others spurs me on, plus I can copy their best moves :shame:
I belong to many forums, some about windows while others are about gaming and still others are just about general technology.

I'm a bit confused, as to what you refer to as a forum and belonging to just one. Then you go and say you stick to one or maybe two forums...hence the confused part. Are your actually referring to this forum as the only forum you belong to and that you visit different threads in the sub topics of this forum?
Now that you mention is as if I set out to be confusing...not so by the way.

This forum is, at the present time, the only one I belong to and peruse. I am waiting to recieve my pre-order of the new Lara Croft "Tomb Raider" game at which time I will join a forum for that game. The last gaming forum I belonged to was for "Skyrim".
I figured as much, just wanted to clarify it. You might want to check with the admins on here, they're heavily into Skyrim...I mean big time into it.
I belong to many forums - maybe 15 or 20. Most are Windows oriented or oriented to it's components (like Office). But I also belong to a few Linux forums because in Linux I am still on a steep learning curve. The odd one is a crafting forum where I post on behalf of my wife (she is always too busy, LOL).

How many postings per day - maybe 20 or more. In total over the years I have posted between 40 and 50 thousand. Never really counted them. Some of the forums I did belong to at an earlier date do not exist any more or I lost the links.

Since I am retired, the forums and the honeydews are my main occupation. The forums are fun - the honeydews are not.
I could not stop playing "Skyrim" so to save myself I finally traded it in to help pay for my Lara Croft pre-order. I am feeling a little withdrawal over not having "Skyrim" any more :upset:.

You guys are so respectful about your "honeydew" lists go get busy.

I used to belong (big time) to a couple of forums that no longer exist. They where so strong for a long time and then they just dried up and went sad.
As with everyone, I began by merely browsing. I was deep into customising XP, and decided to offer help to others. This led through Vista(in particular) and Windows 7 - Windows 8. Like WHS, I have been retired throughout this, so had plenty of time. It became an unpaid occupation, in reality.
Impossible to count the help offered, but it is into thousands of posts. I am probably the member of several sites which I have not visited, for different reasons, for a long time. But, latterly, partly on request, I decided to dedicate to Windows 8 help. I currently visit nine forums, three of which are dedicated to Windows 8, the others include it as a sub section.
I have a problem with this at the moment. The material in the Windows 8 forums are sparse and, sadly, extremely repetitive in the help requests. I have begun to haunt some of the Windows 7 forums again.
I even had to change my nickname at some time around the XP era. Security was a little more relaxed in those days and I began to get totalled with Email and PMs, with private requests - even from my own locality.
Posts per day?. Well, for reasons stated, this has dropped off latterly, but in the early release days of Windows 8, and before, I would guess at about thirty to forty posts. As a hint for other, what I refer to as post counters, these were all positive. I shy from thing such as "Thank you" or glad you sorted" - you know the kind of thing. I do sometimes slip into those expressions, when I feel particular satisfaction for a good conclusion, however..
I think the MVP acknowledgement came along with the Vista experience, but have no knowledge of how or why. I do contribute quite a bit on the Microsoft pages, which may have helped. But, with emphasis on my earlier remark on the quality of a post, one thing is certain. A large post count is not a path to an MVP award, trust me.

P.S. I look back and read this - lol. It went on too long!!!
I was w/ Windows 7 from the beginning. I write in about 6 tech forums including the Microsoft IT Pro Windows forum which covers a wide range of material; one other that is general IT Office, Windows and more, and 2 other Windows 8 forums. I'm old & semi-retired so it keeps me sharp & thinking and I enjoy sharing knowledge & helping people. I've been doing this in several forums for a long time. It's pretty much a daily thing for me, certainly, during the winter... I'm riding much of the time when it's not bloody winter.

The only thing I hugely dislike in forums is when people are nasty, or demeaning towards others OR when they are just arbitrarily bashing something and maybe not very well informed at the same time but, not willing to accept what anyone else is telling them.

But, one has to endure that sort of thing sometimes even outside forums. Mostly it's management who spoil forums. Then, again, management can make for good forums, too.

Sorry David doesn't like me saying "Thank you" or "glad it's solved" but, I won't stop since it has nothing to do w/ trying to have lots of entries but, to treat people how I'd like to be treated... just courtesy, friendliness & showing folks you're caring (interested) & paying attention (to them).

For me it's enough knowing there's some appreciation (as has been oft expressed by some Members here & elsewhere) for the time & effort I put into forums to keep bothering w/ them.

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I am drifting of thread but. I am sorry, in response, that you had to feel a finger pointed at you. If you read my post again, you will see that I was giving general advice as to what an observer would consider as qualifying posts. I was not indicating a fault with any individual. If you saw it as a personal affront, I apologise.
Ok, David & thanks. I guess a couple of your quoted examples sounded like things I say sometimes. No worries.

But, I do hate to see space being wasted in forums as much as or the same as yourself.

I banned a few for a couple days recently in another forum for repeatedly posting "Just stopped by to say Hello" in the middle of threads that were actually discussing something.

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Please, do not put in things that waste space & people's time. Thanks.

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Yes, Drew. I visit that forum. It does seem to be a very serious incursion - weird!
I could not stop playing "Skyrim" so to save myself I finally traded it in to help pay for my Lara Croft pre-order. I am feeling a little withdrawal over not having "Skyrim" any more :upset:.

Skyrim= 900hrs played and still going strong. I still play other games like Crysis 3, L4D2 but Skyrim I'll always return to. The world they created is just so vast and each play through is never the same as the last. I could never get rid of it ever..Such sacrilege :)