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Steve Ballmer said that Windows 8, or to be more precise, the next release of Windows, would be Microsoft’s riskiest upcoming product when interviewed at the Gartner Symposium. No additional information where given by Mr Ballmer, leaving a lot of people puzzled by the answer.
If you’d ask tech savvy users before that symposium about Microsoft’s riskiest product, it is almost guaranteed that the majority would not have picked Windows 8. They’d probably have picked Windows Phone 7, or Xbox Kinect, or any of the other products that Microsoft is working on.

But Windows 8? Now, this does not have to mean that the operating system will be bad. It could as well mean that Microsoft finally has decided to add features or make changes that they consider important, but do not know how the public will perceive them.
Could Windows 8 become a second Vista? We are not sure what Mr. Ballmer meant when he answered the question, but he surely must have known something at this point that the public does not. All we know about Windows 8 is from leaks, job postings and other informal sources.
Could it be that Microsoft plans to make a big change in Windows 8? They certainly have to do something to get users to switch to the operating system, especially after the rave reviews that Windows 7 received.

Steve Ballmer, Windows 8 Will Be Riskiest Product | Windows 8 News

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