FREE SnagIt 7.25 Screen Capture


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I paid for version 6 years back, then upgraded to version 9.

Now my friend Ashraf has located a free older version with a free registry key after inputting you email address. They then send the key through email.

This is the best screen Capture program I have ever used, by far. It can capture almost everything

Image capture
Text Capture
Video Capture
Web Capture

It can also capture Windows, Active Window, Region, Fixed Region, Object, Menu, an shapes.

Works perfect on Windows 7. I'm using 32-bit, not sure about 64-bit
I wouldn't pass this one up.

To activavate click on this link:

Anybody who can confirm this?


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Would I lie?:)


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I think he may mean can anyone confirm it works in 64??
I thought I'd help out.
1.- The "Free" key is no longer available for the nine year old version. I downloaded the trial anyway. It hung quite a bit in 32Bit. Would not complete a full install in 64bit and gave a lot of problems. 17 entries in the registry, which I removed manually!
2. The new version (9) seems to work well in both, but costs, of course.


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Sure. The Email took a long time to arrive, but I got the key. My experiences still stand with the evaluation copy, though. The new,paid edition is very good, however.


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Ahh Man,

let me try it again. I'll use anothemail address

Be right back


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Deleted areday fixed


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To be fair to interested readers, the attached .bmp in the previous post refers to the 9 year old program.

I found it

Now my friend Ashraf has located a free older version
Hi. Actually, to tell you the truth, it was me who found the offer. If you look at the author field, you'll see it is my first official dotTech[.org] freebie I have posted:razz:
(But thank you for sharing this on this site)

The Best,
Jean-Luc Picard


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I used the unregistered version of uper Screen Capture, until the snipping tool came along. That does all of what I require. But for interest, I installed screen capture in Windows 7 64Bit - ran perfectly. I just love the little box which pops up. I am going to keep it on for a while to see if it does anything nasty to Windows 7.
Super Screen Capture/Recorder - Free Video Screen Recording, Screen Capture Software - free to download

Jean-Luc. Feel free to put the page on your site. - I had a look there, by the way. Very nice.


Only problem I found with snipping tool is that you can't capture images of open menus. Like if I had the start menu open and I want to take a screen shot of that, snipping tool won't do that job. Of course we can still use the PrtScn key to do the job. Anywho, that's why I prefer snagit, and the latest version at that.

Soz reghakr Only once i looked at your messages posted and your rep did i download it haha some poeple are scaly these days and try get you to download stuff that just takes passwords e.t.c so thats why i had asked but as soon as posting that comment i saw your stats and trusted you immediately haha :D

Jsut downloaded it and registered for my key, really impressed works just great :D diffently a must have so get it quick :D


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Hello Dave,

I realize it's an older version, however I was using version 6.21 up until a couple months ago.

Even though it is an older program, it might benefit some people who have no screen capture program at all or a lesser quality program.

As I stated, it can capture much more than any other screen shot program I have ever used.

Jean-Luc Picard,

Yes, I do remember you name and you took over for Ashraf while on vacation.

What's you opinion on the program?

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