Freshly Build Win7 -64bit Computer Blue Screens or freezes randomly. Help Please, I seem to be in ov

Alright, I had another bsod just a moment ago

here it is, View attachment 112110-17347-01.dmp

I posted earlier that I ran memtest86+ for 9 passes and it didn't show me anything. Does memtest86+ always show memory problems no matter what, because it didn't show anything for mine?

Also, maybe this is a dumb question, but I know that graphics cards have built in memory. Could the errors be coming from a fault with the graphics memory? Maybe that would explain why memtest86+ isn't picking up any errors?

Also, I got the audio driver, it was the LAN driver and the usb 3.0 drivers that I could not find. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

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You haven't updated your video card, still. Like I said, it is not the cause of problems, but it is for good measure and should be done.

It's not a dumb question by any means, but no, the errors have nothing to do with video or the GDDR (video ram.)

I would really make sure the NEC USB 3.0 driver is updated to latest too, as previously advised, although that is likely not a source of issues. Visit another motherboard on your manufacturer's site and download it from there. The latest is from either April or maybe even July.

It's a little difficult to tell you for certain, because these drivers have not been updated yet, which is slowing the progress of the analysis.

But what it all comes down to really, is likely defective memory like I've been saying a few times. Test the modules one at a time, in the slot closest to the CPU. See if errors are found like this.

Yes, sorry about that. I'm a college student and I don't have much free time to check these forums. I had thought I had my drivers updated until I read your most recent post. I had gotten the blue screen as I was reading your post (terrible timing huh) and so I thought I would post it in case it would help, I guess not though.

Alright, I'll look at the mobo manufacturer's website again and I'm installing the new graphics drivers right now.

Also, is it generally better to test one stick at a time with memtest86+ or does it matter. (I'm going to do it one at a time but I was just curious)

Alright, I went to ati's site and grabbed the latest drivers to try to get rid of that possibility. I then tried one stick of memory at a time. I started with the one farthest from the processor and more or less got a bsod within the first five minutes of running almost every time, Ill post them here

View attachment 112310-22464-01.dmp View attachment 112210-16879-01.dmp View attachment 112310-16707-01.dmp View attachment 112310-16036-01.dmp View attachment 112210-21559-01.dmp View attachment 112210-16567-01.dmp

strangely, i ran memtest86+ on the stick and it did 12 passes with no errors.

I put the other stick in by itself (this was the one closest to the processor) and it ran for a while without a bsod (I used my computer for a day or two, left it during thanksgiving break, and then just got back to using it tonight). I got this bsod earlier.

View attachment 112710-17784-01.dmp

Does this still look like a memory thing or could it be something else? (If it is I'll try to get one of my friends who has a stable box to let me borrow a stick of memory to test with)

Thanks much for all of your help

Defective memory is the cause. I would replace the memory entirely with a new matching set and problems will be solved.

Thanks for all of your help. I replaced the memory and so far I have had no issues. Thanks Much !!!!!!!!

....and thus continuing my outstanding record of never once in my life telling someone to replace memory when it was not the issue.

Enjoy! :)

You're very welcome and thanks for reporting back.

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