Funny Battery Error

I did some registry thing so my computer will do nothing when the battery is low because my battery reads low all the time on any OS. Not really a bug but funny to look at.


Messing around with the registry is never a good idea, especially if your not 100% sure what your doing.. ;) And it's not a good idea to mess around in the registry of a Beta OS either..


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And you said you found this registry entry online did ya? Well it may not work at all. Edit the power options in the power portion of the control panel. They give you the choice of what to do if the battery gets low. It is also dangerous to remove the safe guards because they are put in place so that your system will have enough power to shutdown safely without losing data. I recommend against what you want to do.

There is no option to let Windows 7 do nothing when the battery is critical. I googled online and found a forum which offered the solution with a registry change. I know how to read what a .reg file does in Wordpad. My battery is inaccurate and every OS warns me when I'm at like 5%, but I still have like an hour left. Since 7 kept hibernating even though I had an hour left and I couldn't get it to stop from hibernating/sleeping/etc., I had to find a workaround.


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Go to an elevated command prompt and type in powercfg /energy

This will test how accurate and if you are using your battery efficiently or not. After the 60 seconds is done type in energy-report.html this will bring up a list of your battery usage and at the bottom somewhere it will say battery full charge capacity and also what your last full charge was recorded as. Please let me know that info?


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Hey vahnx, mind pointing me in the direction of that hack, or telling me how?
My laptop has pretty bad memory effect and in Windows XP I would be able to correct it once a week. Now in 7 I'm stuck until I find a way to keep my laptop on when it hits "0 percent" which at this point is more like 60%. lol

Edit; Nevermind, I found a command prompt script that does the same thing.

I have 2 Sony Vaio Laptops that both give the same incorrect Battery error under a Windows 7 clean 32 installation. One is 32 bit and one is 64 bit. The laptops boot up and then give an error message within the first couple of minutes that say:

"The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer.

Click OK to enter Hibernation mode, remove and reset the battery.

See the Electronic VAIO(R) User Guide for more information about using the battery."

Both batteries are the original VAIO Batteries and are in good charge and good condition. The error is bogus but I have no way of getting around the message. Any ideas on this kind of error?

Actually, it could be the batteries are defective, in some way.

However, it could be the VAIO and 7 are not fully compatible yet.
Check with Sony.

It isn't the batteries. Both machines are fairly new and had no troubles prior to Win7 Upgrades. The meters still show charged when the errors pop up. I'm thinking Sony, but they have no Win7 info available.

Yep,, remember,,, 7 is RTM, but hasn't even hit shelves yet, much less had a truly official release.
It's available on Tech Net for Techs to start using. But that is not an official release to market for the masses to partake of. Give it time.

I'm pretty patient...most of the time. I mainly posted to see if there were others who had a similar problem. Thanks,

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