funny vid compilation


Cooler King
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That is a bang up job you done with them posts , cybercore . I must be away for a short time . I do appreciate the posts :)

Else come a full moon, life is never certain with my wife
Guess it is just a way of putting things, she has
You're talking as if your wife mistreats you badly, like she is a vampire, hope not ...


Bang up job, yeah thanks. 1st shoot those vids, then compile them, then upload to youtube and if lucky enough they won't block you.

Yeah, and then if successful hopefully someone will even watch them.



Cooler King
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Fangs for the comment cybercore ;) Secret to a good marriage , plenty of garlic and holy water :-$

LoL, after so many years you must be a perfect pair ->


We need your mafia skills though, Whooshy back to work:


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